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Hassle-Free Home Moves with BungoBox Moving Boxes in Edmonton

At BungoBox, we know that Edmonton homeowners find locating and using cardboard moving boxes one of the more challenging elements of their home moves. Movers across the city are looking for an alternative; a product that is delivered to them directly and offers ease-of-use and reliable performance during complicated house moves. We have the perfect solution through our BungoBox moving boxes, which are now available across Edmonton. 

The advantages of using our service are clear:

  • Stackable Boxes  

    Trying to stack cardboard moving boxes, one on top of the other, for storing at home or in a moving truck can be a pain. Plus, cardboard boxes are not reliable when the movers accidentally stack your books on top of your wine glasses. Our BungoBoxes are stackable and durable to protect your most fragile belongings. Contact us directly at 780-901-3222 to learn more about the convenience that Bungobox offers!

  • Easy to Use

    How many hours have you spent dealing with tape when trying to pack boxes for your home? BungoBox is designed to resolve this common nuisance! Our products feature a snap-on lid and require no tape during the packing process! The entire service is designed for convenience. We deliver your boxes directly to your home and then pick them up once the move is complete. No stress! Call us today at 780-901-3222 to learn about your BungoBox options.

  • Cost-Effective

    Our research has shown you will spend as much as 50% less on BungoBox than you would when purchasing inconvenient cardboard boxes. It’s a product designed to make your life easier and protect your wallet when you rent plastic moving boxes for an Edmonton home move.

Durable, re-usable and designed to eliminate the use of cardboard products during the moving process, BungoBox is the clear choice for the convenience-focused home mover. Review our special pricing today and call our team directly at 780-901-3222 to experience the BungoBox difference.

"You were awesome and easy to deal with. I have absolutely no complaints and will recommend you to any family or friends that move." Amber Wait - Edmonton Customer

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    9333 49St. NW
    Edmonton, AB T6B 2L8
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