Let's face it - moving is often NOT an enjoyable experience! But at BungoBox we can help make your move less stressful buy delivering plastic moving boxes right to your home or business. We take the pain out of looking for moving boxes in all the usual places by delivering plastic, stackable moving boxes, on "Bungo wheels" for ease of use throughout your moving space.

BungoBox was launched in May 2009 and continues to rapidly expand.

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Why We Use Plastic

There was a lot that went into us forming a company that helps moving less sucky. But mostly, we were just extremely rational (and notably awesome). Our customers save money, time, stress, and even help save the environment. Watch this video about how we started - and better yet - why we did.

Our Name's Origin

Let’s be honest, you’ve wondered where our name came from. It’s ok. Everyone does. And now you can learn the answer. Watch the video and be amazed at how awesome we are.” or “Learn how we got our name, and why it’s awesome.

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