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Category: Smart Moving Tips

October 07, 2013

Should you Pack it - or Junk it?

Sometimes the hardest question of all when you are packing - do I save it or toss it??

July 23, 2013

Are You a Packing Procrastinator??

So you’re moving this summer and you haven't started packing.  You aren't alone - there are lots of packing procrastinators out there.   It is a ctually a very common condition.  A good first step is to check out your moving box options.  

June 12, 2013

BungoBox Beats Cardboard Moving Boxes - Everytime!

Our plastic, durable, stackable, environmentally friendly moving boxes protect your belongings far better than cardboard boxes.  And no packing tape required!

June 06, 2013

BungoBox Delivers Moving Boxes - Right to Your Door!

Bungobox delivers plactic, recycled moving boxes right to your door.  No need to buy expensive cardboard boxes - we deliver boxes, packing tape, zip ties and labels.  We make moving suck way less!




October 27, 2011

The Real Numbers Behind the Cardboard vs Plastic Debate

The math really says it all.

It's really easy to simply state that plastic moving boxes are more environmentally friendly, easier to stack and generally better than cardboard. Everyone says so. But where is the real, measureable data that makes that statement true?