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September 13, 2011

Even the Most Prepared Move Can Go Horribly Wrong

~ submitted by Tracy • North Vancouver, BC


Each year while studying in University, I would rent a room during the year and go home for the summer.

Trying to be ahead of the game, at the end of my second year, I set up my fall accommodation before leaving in May.

When I arrived in September, the upstairs landlord was not home, but my key opened the basement door and I moved in.

Studying in the day and working at night, I would arrive home late each day.

One night in November, I arrived home to find a strange man waiting for me.

Apparently the house had been sold in the summer and I was not informed! I had been living in an empty house for 2 monthes illegally!

I was very lucky to not have my next accommodations in a jail cell!!!

Wow, that's awesome! You must have been freaking out! I hope he gave you a few days to find a new place to live. Tracy's story falls nicely into our "horrible moving story" category. Do you have one too? If so, submit it to our Worst Moving Story Ever Contest on Facebook. You could win an iPad 2!

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