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August 18, 2011

Too Much Makeup!

~ submitted by Diane, Whitehorse, YK

I was moving from a small northern Canadian town that did not have a “moving company”. However, if everything was packed, a local company would ship my belongings.


I hired a local woman to do the packing and while she was an exceptionally good organizer and cleaner, she warned that she could not write and read English very well.


“No problem", I said as I finished packing a box from the bathroom, marking it “Bathroom – Make-up”.


I said all she had to do was write the room on the box, for instance “Bedroom, Kitchen, etc.”


When I arrived at my new home as the boxes were being unloaded, I noticed that every box, had “Bathroom-Make-up,” printed on the side!


Ha, ha, ha. That's a great story. Definitely caused me to giggle this morning! If you have a great, funny moving story we'd love to hear from you. Check out our contest to win an iPad 2 on Facebook!

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