Renting moving boxes is a great alternative to using cardboard boxes for your move. BungoBoxes are sturdy, re-usable plastic moving boxes that are the perfect alternative to cardboard. We deliver your boxes right to your door and pick them up at your new home when you have completed your move.

BungoBox Advantages:

Save Money

Why buy expensive cardboard moving boxes when there’s an affordable, convenient alternative? We deliver plastic moving boxes right to your door. We’ll even pick them up when the move is complete.

Easy to Use

Our sturdy BungoBoxes arrive at your home ready to use. No more assembling cardboard boxes. BungoBoxes are sturdy and stackable. Our BungoWheels allow you to easily roll your packed boxes right into your moving van. Our durable BungoBoxes provide excellent protection for your fragile belongings.  We have two sizes of BungoBoxes. The large (L) BungoBox is 2.5 cubic feet and is 27” long x 17” wide x 12” high. The extra large (XL) is 3.8 cubic feet and is 28” long x 20” wide x 15” high.

Environmentally Friendly

BungoBoxes are made from recycled plastic and are designed to be re-used again and again. When your move is completed, there will be no cardboard boxes to break down, and no cardboard to bundle and take to the curb.

“You were awesome and easy to deal with. I have absolutely no complaints and will recommend you to any family or friends that move.”— Amber Wait, Edmonton Customer

“Everyone we worked with from BungoBox was amazing – always helpful and most importantly, super flexible to accommodate the extra boxes we needed – thanks so much.”— Monique Davidson Macdonald Reality, West Vancouver