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The days of searching high and low for used and empty cardboard boxes, or worse, buying new ones, are over. There’s a better, smarter, more environmentally friendly alternative that’s taken the moving world by storm.

BungoBoxes are sturdy, re-usable plastic moving boxes that are the perfect alternative to cardboard. We deliver boxes right to your door, and pick them up whenever you’re done unpacking.


Save Money

Why buy expensive cardboard moving boxes that you end up taking to the landfill? Why pay steep hourly moving fees because movers can only move 1-2 boxes at a time? Why pay for rolls of tape and unnecessary packing supplies all because cardboard boxes are too flimsy?

We deliver clean, stackable, sturdy plastic moving boxes right to your door and pick them up when you’re finished unpacking.

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Easy to Use

Our stackable BungoBoxes arrive at your home ready to use – with no assembly required. Using BungoWheels, you can roll your boxes from room to room, and right into the moving van – saving tons of time and backache. BungoBoxes provide excellent protection for your fragile belongings and come in two sizes. The large (L) BungoBox is 2.5 cubic feet and is 27” long x 17” wide x 12” high. The extra large (XL) is 3.8 cubic feet and is 28” long x 20” wide x 15” high.


Environmentally Friendly

BungoBoxes are made from recycled plastic and are designed to be used over and over again (once we’ve cleaned and sanitized them that is). When your move is done, there’s no cardboard boxes to break down, bundle, recycle, or kick to the curb. Mother earth will thank you.


Meet our team

At BungoBox, we are a team of moving enthusiasts dedicated to the art and science of relocating your family, business and assets. With big dreams to build an enduring business, our mission is to add value with win-win-win solutions.

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From the first quote, BungoBox's experienced team of Vancouver movers take pride in arranging a seamless move for your household or business, making the transition fast and efficient. Our mission is to make your move stress free!

We were in a rush to move to a new apartment and the thought of running around town buying cardboard boxes and tape was depressing and stressing me out due to the wastefulness, cost and the flimsiness of cardboard boxes. BungoBox solved my packing problems easily and their people are very helpful and friendly. The price was reasonable and the service is quick and convenient.”
William Hall
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