The Things We Do For Our Kids • And Other Horrible Things

~ submitted by Ed from Ottawa, Canada.

Many years ago I made a major move with my wife, three year old son and 4 week old daughter to take on a new job in Africa.

With young children we took a lot of stuff to last us for three years in Africa. Our shipment was supposed to be sent all by air freight but because there was so much my employer decided to send half by air and half by sea to save money. This was done without any input or consultation from us.

When received the air shipment we were really flabbergasted to see what they had sent by air and what had been sent by sea. We received all our records but no record player, baby clothes for a 1 year old but none for a newborn, no baby bottles or crib *she slept in her baby carriage and then a dresser drawer for several months.

So we looked forward in great anticipation for the arrival of our sea shipment in late December just in time for Christmas. 

The sea shipment arrived in several large wooden crates into which our cardboard boxes had been packed. Unfortunately the wooden crates obviously hadn’t been stored or handled in an optimum fashion so when we opened the crates we found water (either from rain or waves) had gotten in and that combined with the jostling of the crates had resulted in a majority of the cardboard boxes splitting open and leaving all of our possessions in a giant massive pile within each crate. It took us weeks to sort out the stuff and to salvage what we could and dispose of the unrecoverable stuff.

The most poignant part of the story relates to my son’s first two wheel bicycle which we had secretly bought and put into the shipment to give him for Christmas. With the shipment arriving in late December it was a major priority to find all the pieces of the bicycle and the instructions and my tools all of which had been scattered throughout the sea shipment. I worked until 3 a.m. on Christmas Eve to get the bike assembled but I didn’t mind because I knew he would so pleased and excited.

Christmas morning arrived and he woke up and came out and saw the bike and said:

“Where did the bike come from?”

I said “Santa brought it!”

He said “Who is for?” to which I replied “For you of course!”

After a cursory glimpse he rendered his judgment “Don’t like the colour and it’s too big!” and he headed off to open his other presents.

I was crushed and have never forgiven him and regularly remind him at Christmas of his callous behaviour when he was 3 years old <grin>.

Looking at your Bungobox I really whish it was avaialble back then ….. we would have avoided losing so much of our posessions and I would have a better relationship today with my son <just kidding>.


That, my friends, is one of the funniest, most well-written submissions we've received to date. Thanks so much Ed for sharing, my kids and I are falling off the couch laughing!