The Movers Lost Our Newborn Son

~ submittted by Jenna • Unionville, ON

“The movers lost our son!!!”, I shouted into my cellphone.

“What?!!!”, my husband shouted back.

“The movers just lost our newborn son!!!”

A pause.  Thinking.  “How is that possible?!!!”

“Just meet me at the new house,” I shrilled, “I will be there in 5 minutes!”

I had already frantically dialled the movers as I drove enroute to our new home.  The phone rang into voicemail.  Their voicemail message was a musical jingle for their moving company: “Choose the one that you can trust!” 

Bob the mover had answered the phone when I dialled again.  He had pulled the truck over, searched it “thoroughly”—and told me they did not have my son!  He was seconds from our new house and would meet me there.

It had all happened as I loaded the last BungoBox of “breakables” into my car.  My newborn son was sound asleep in his basket-style car seat, just inside the foyer of our “old” house.  There was a little bit of rain, so I had wanted to take him last.  To protect him from the rain, the baby was covered with a blanket and the canopy of the car seat was in the upright position.   

I raced to the new house as my brow poured with sweat.  It was a very short drive, but time was my enemy.

Bob’s moving truck was like a mirage in a desert to me.  I raced up to the passenger door, hopped up on the little truck step, and yanked the door open.

There in the front cab of the trunk was my newborn son – in his little car seat, still fast asleep!  I unfastened his seatbelt and pulled my son to me, waking him.  He began to cry, sounding like a lamb.  I was still in a state of shock, but then it really hit me and I started sobbing too.

My voice began to tremble.  “Bob, if this isn’t a baby, then what is it?”

“I’m sorry”, he started, “I didn’t see him in there under the blanket…I thought it was empty”.

Just then my husband pulled up, jumped out of the car Dukes of Hazard style, and started in a run.  When he saw that our son was safe, he came over relieved and hugged us (the baby and I, not Bob and I).  I sobbed again right into my husband’s shoulder and left his golf shirt all soggy.

Do I need to say that we will never use Bob and his moving company ever again?