BungoBox Vancouver – Franchisee Profile

''Kobchai or better known as “Chai – like the tea,” was an ammunition and logistics specialist for two years in the Singapore Armed forces. Upon migrating to Vancouver, he worked in the hospitality industry and got his hands dirty as a mover. Then, on a boring Monday night, while flipping through channels, he and his friends saw BungoBox featured on the Mentor – a TV series on Bloomberg TV.

It then clicked – that BungoBox’s box and dolly system and business model of renting out 100% recycled and reusable plastic moving boxes for residential and commercial moving made perfect sense. Similar types of boxes were already used in the military and in the warehousing industries so why not bring it to the public?

After the mandatory Google searches and phone calls, BungoBox’s vision and snarky brand created by the founders Tom and Bob Canon from Orlando resonated well with Chai who decided to bring the service to Vancouverites.

BungoBox understands that moving sucks. It is time consuming, stressful and if not executed properly, can end up being very costly – especially for businesses. BungoBox, was created to help solve these problems. By delivering crush-proof, stackable and weather proof recycled plastic boxes that arrive on fitted dollies, packing and moving is at least 40% faster.  Up to 5 full boxes can be stacked on the dollies and moved at once safely up and down the ramp of a moving truck saving time. And on a move, time is everything. The products offered also have an edge over other competitors in the market. Simple things like having boxes of two sizes, fitted dollies, boxes of a good size and shape and rounded edges made the difference. As the saying goes, “the devil’s in the details.”

Having worked as a mover, Chai understands first- hand the pains and stresses of moving from the movers’ perspective as well as the “movees”. For the “movee” finding cardboard boxes, building, taping and packing them is always the longest and most frustrating part of a move. After that comes the stress of worrying about things arriving in one piece and at the right time and place. Then, when the dust settles and the unpacking is done the headaches of having to deal with a pile of cardboard kicks in.

For the movers, making sure that space in the truck is maximized and as little time wasted as possible is key. However, as a move drags on and energy levels start to dwindle, even the toughest of movers can lose concentration and that’s when accidents happen. With cardboard boxes movers have to worry about contents getting crushed, having to deal with multiple sizes and boxes that are falling apart or not packed properly. All of this takes a toll and affects their overall efficiency.

The best advice?

Plan ahead, organize, get estimates from movers and professional packers then call BungoBox. Remember that your time is better spent doing other things like running your business not packing and moving. Leave this to the professionals, leverage their time and minimize operational downtime.

Movers and professional packers love working with BungoBoxes, because packing is a breeze and takes a third of the time versus cardboard boxes. However, if you are packing the boxes yourself remember not to fill the boxes to the brim. Fill them halfway with heavy things then lighter things on top and match each box to a room or area in the home or office using the sticker labels provided. Remember to make full use of the dollies in order to save time and backs. Do this by putting an empty box on the dolly, fill it, then put the next empty box on top and fill that. Stack up to five and when the movers arrive they will be rolling 5 boxes at a time in and out of the truck.

With the tagline “We Make Moving Less Sucky,” the goal at BungoBox is to make moving easier, faster, cheaper and better for the environment. Chai has taken the tagline to heart and has made it his personal mission to help as many people as possible move with “less stress and more smiles.”

So, if you’re moving or know someone that will be moving, think inside the box and give BungoBox a shout!