Are You a Packing Procrastinator??

So you’re moving this summer and you haven't started packing.  You aren't alone - there are lots of packing procrastinators out there. A good first step is to check out your moving box options. 

Do you go the old fashioned cardboard, packing tape, fold here, tuck this here method or do you go with the environmentally-friendly, less expensive option of reusable plastic moving boxes like BungoBox? 

BungoBox will drop off the boxes at your home, you fill them, you move them and then BungoBox picks them up.  What could be easier?  A large BungoBox has a capacity of 2.5 cubic feet and an extra-large BungoBox is 3.8 cubic feet.  Hmmm - what does that really mean - what can they hold?  Here is what you can fit in a large box:  for clothes, approximately 13-15 winter sweaters (and numerous socks for filler) or 16-18 pairs of jeans.  For summer clothes, expect to pack a lot more.   If it’s shoes you want to pack, 15-20 pairs (size 8 women’s in a variety of styles) plus 3-5 purses.  For linens, think 8 sets of sheets or 18 bath towels with room for fillers like washcloths. 

No more procrastinating - call BungoBox and get packing.