Thinking Outside the BungoBox

When people think of BungoBox, they don't automatically think - TedTalks - it is more likey they think of moving boxes in Vancouver, moving boxes in Edmonton or other cities as well as packing, sorting, transporting, storing... All of the things that go along with moving from your current home or office to a new home or office. Although our recycled, plastic moving boxes are great for traditional moves, they can be used in other ways, too. Here are some of our favourite, non-traditional uses for our sturdy moving boxes in Vancouver:
TED Talks
Do you love TED Talks? So do we! That’s why we were thrilled to be selected as a vendor for the TED Vancouver. Although we were not featured on the big stage, our convenient, stacking plastic moving boxes made a big splash behind the scenes, as a way of securely transporting supplies from the main stage in Vancouver to the secondary location in beautiful Whistler. BungoBoxes were packed full of goodies, where they were kept safe and sound as they made the trip back and forth between the event locations. We’re looking forward to TED returning to Vancouver again next year.
Evidence Boxes
The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) describes “Almost Human” as follows: In a not-so-distant future, human cops and androids partner up to protect and serve. So, when this locally filmed television series started looking for super-futuristic looking props, they came across BungoBoxes, which they used as “evidence boxes” in several episodes during their first season. “Almost Human” rented 300 boxes and stacked them, then used a green room to replicate them for on-screen use, giving the impression of a huge evidence room full of these boxes. Watch for them again next year on the series—or maybe on a different show as a different prop!
Mr. Locksmith
Terry Whin-Yates, President of Mr. Locksmith, is a 3rd generation locksmith with 35 years of experience and a BA (Hons) Criminology. As a master locksmith with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Terry has found himself leading several live, hands-on, professional locksmith training events throughout the country. He used to have to tote all of his training tools around in regular cardboard or plastic boxes, but found that they would break down and were difficult to manage/carry. Now he loads all of his equipment into BungoBoxes, wheels them out (on BungoWheels) for training, and knows that his sturdy BungoBoxes are in it for the long haul. Lesson learned? Not all plastic boxes are created equal.
So remember: BungoBoxes are not just for moving! Anywhere traditional boxes could be used, consider using BungoBox instead. We’re more durable, more convenient, better for the environment, and simply put: way cooler.
Do you know of another cool use of BungoBox? Please share your story with us!