BungoBox Customers Find Safety And Security With Durable Plastic Moving Boxes

Moving during the heart of winter is always a tricky situation. Sudden storms bring rain and snow, and the ground stays saturated with moisture for months. Weather and environmental conditions are hard enough to deal with when you’re moving personal belongings, but they can be devastating when trying to move your office. BungoBox’s plastic moving boxes offer customers a safer, more secure alternative when moving an office. Our plastic moving boxes are extremely durable, and can withstand the rain and snow. With BungoBox plastic boxes, you no longer have to worry about losing important company information because someone dropped a moving box in a puddle of water.

Customers who use plastic boxes also report reduced incidences of workplace injuries related to moving. REALLY?? Many employees overexert themselves with cardboard boxes. They assume that the small size of the box is indicative of light weight, and they use poor lifting techniques that result in back and neck injuries. Employees are also prone to lower leg and foot injuries with cardboard moving crates. Water damage or an overloaded box tax the physical limits of the cardboard, and eventually the box fails, injuring the employee. Other injuries occur when employees use the pre-cut handles, only to see the cardboard tear.  Realistically movers move the boxes -not employees!

Plastic moving boxes from BungoBox eliminate many of the safety concerns you may have with cardboard. Plastic totes are designed to fit together in an interlocking pattern that keep your stacks stable, unlike cardboard boxes, which are prone to tipping over. The plastic crates are also meant for easy transportation with a dolly, so your employees don’t risk leg or lower back injuries.

Since 2009, BungoBox Canada has been a leading provider for storage crates and plastic boxes in  Edmonton, Halifax, and Vancouver. Their commitment to affordable, environmentally friendly moving solutions help them maintain their position as a market leader.

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