BungoBox Moving Boxes In Vancouver: Helping Our City Go Green

Mayor Robertson recently announced that he wants Vancouver to be a greener city. As most of the world's eco-consciousness evolves, Robertson wants to stay ahead of the trend, constantly seeking innovative ways to minimize our carbon footprint. Here at BungoBox, we proudly support Mayor Robertson's initiative: we know that our moving boxes in Vancouver can plan a major role in helping our beautiful city go (and stay) green.

Moving Can Have A Negative Impact On The Environment

It's no secret that moving materials aren't always environmentally sound. Styrofoam packing peanuts, plastic wraps, and other wrapping/packing pieces often serve a single purpose and then find their way into a landfill for an eternity. Fortunately, BungoBox offers a solution to help keep our city beautiful. BungoBox's moving boxes in Vancouver are produced with a focus on eco-friendliness. Our moving boxes are reusable. Our clients rent the moving boxes for a designated length of time. When they have completed the move, they return them for reuse with another customer. These strong, durable and waterproof moving boxes in Vancouver can be used over and over again for minimal environmental impact.

Stay Environmentally Conscious Throughout The Move

Our reusable moving boxes are just one way to help keep Vancouver green during your move. What you use to pack our boxes can also enhance environmental consciousness. Avoid foam products whenever possible. Instead, wrap fragile possessions in newspapers and other products that can be recycled.

Also oftentimes, moving from place to place means enlisting the help of several friends to transport your possessions. Renting one large van instead of using several vehicles can help reduce carbon emissions as shrink your trips from current home to new home. Once you have packed your boxes you will gain a solid idea of how big of a van you will need to get the job completed as quickly as possible.

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