BungoBox: We Make Moving Easier, One Plastic Tote At A Time

If you've ever moved, you already know the cold, hard truth: moving stinks. But, at BungoBox, we believe it doesn't have to. Oftentimes, dealing with moving companies in Vancouver and Edmonton is stressful; BungoBox is different. We rent plastic totes and storage bins directly to clients to give clients a much-needed alternative to packing supplies. They're not just any plastic totes. Premium quality, strong, durable, stackable boxes that customers can move, unpack, and then give back. It's a simple, yet innovative and effective premise that has helped BungoBox revitalize our "old school" industry. It’s earned us credibility as the place to rent plastic totes throughout the Vancouver region.

Are you interested in working with a team of independent, inspired entrepreneurs committed to making the entire moving process more pleasant? Have you always dreamed of owning your own business, but haven't quite found the right fit? We've got the perfect opportunity for you. Open your own BungoBox franchise and join our growing, thriving, robust team!

Four Great Reasons To Consider Owning A BungoBox Dealership

Not sure if BungoBox is the right business for you? Our four core values may just convince you:

1) Recession Proof

We just caught your attention, didn't we? People can eliminate all kinds of services and expenses in a poor economy – but moving costs often aren't one of them. BungoBox often saves movers up to 50% on moving costs compared to expensive moving companies in Vancouver and Edmonton, making us the perfect choice in any market.

2) Lower Investment

At BungoBox, we believe our dealerships shouldn't have to spend a lot to maximize their overall return on investment. You can get your business up and running with minimal upfront financing.

3) Training And Support

Yes, it's your business. But you're still part of the BungoBox team – and we take care of our teammates. We can offer you extensive support, training options, proprietary technology and systems; everything you will need to hit the ground running with your BungoBox business.

4) Market Demand

Put simply: clients need us when they are looking for a great way to cut costs on packing supplies. We offer a cost savings of up to 50% and deliver exceptional, industry-leading service. Whether used in conjunction with a professional moving firm, or as an alternative to needing one, BungoBox is the perfect relocation solution.

Contact BungoBox today to learn more about becoming an authorized dealer.