Enjoy An Efficient Office Move With Bungoboxes

Moving your business can be a costly proposition, not only because of the labour and office move supplies but also because of the disruption of business. You need a solution that economizes on labour and transport costs while protecting your assets from damage during the move. By renting plastic moving boxes, you’ll save on purchase costs and you won’t have to deal with disposing of those packing materials when your move is complete. Those are only a few of the benefits to renting boxes from BungoBox. Keep reading to find out more about how BungoBoxes can make for an efficient office move.


Easy To Pack And Stack

Bungoboxes are made of sturdy plastic and designed to stand up to the wear and tear of up to 400 moves. They come in three standard sizes, which means that they nest neatly until you need them, they stack safely once they’re packed, and you can load more of them into your moving van.


Dust-Free, Pest-Free Moving Boxes

Anyone who has ever built cardboard boxes for moving has experienced the dusty mess and endless cardboard chads strewn throughout their new and old spaces and all over the goods packed inside. Worse, even brand-new cardboard boxes can harbour pests and their –ahem– residue.

When you rent BungoBox moving totes, we deliver them to your location clean and dust-free, so you know you’re not moving a mess into your new office. The bottom of each box is a single, moulded piece, so there’s nowhere for insects, spiders, or rodents to get through the bottom or side of the box.


Weather Resistance

In a perfect world, no one would move when it’s raining, snowing, or blowing a gale. In the real world, the weather can pose a threat to the contents of your office if they’re packed in cardboard for moving. In addition to the weather-resistant protection BungoBoxes offer, the interlocking lids are designed to keep rain, snow, and dust out of your important documents and office equipment.


Durable, Reliable Protection For Your Equipment

When you need to pack vulnerable office equipment like monitors, printers, and scanners, you don’t need the stress of wondering whether the cardboard boxes they’re in will get crushed along the way. Our BungoBoxes are engineered to be virtually crush-proof and are extremely resistant to damage from impacts like being dropped. That means you can stack them higher on the dolly or in the truck, without risking damage to your cargo, and it means that you’ve got premium protection, just in case an accident happens. Your employees and office movers can work more efficiently to get the job done faster, and you won’t pay the price for broken or damaged items.


Better Protection With Less Packing Material & Waste

When you’re packing cardboard boxes, you have to use packing materials like paper and bubble wrap not only to wrap the contents but also to support the box itself. You’re literally keeping your boxes from bowing or crushing. When you pack in a rigid-sided plastic moving bin, though, you can buy and use significantly less packing material and actually get better protection than even the best-packed cardboard box can offer. Wouldn’t it be great to throw less money and waste in the recycle bin at the end of your move?


Efficient Loading And Unloading

Your movers will be able to load and unload faster with uniform-sized containers that can be stacked as high as needed without crushing. Unlike cardboard boxes, Bungoboxes make it easy to load up a dolly and safely move more cargo at a time, even if the weight inside the container isn’t evenly distributed. You may even be able to use a smaller truck than you expected, just by being able to safely stack everything to the roof. 


Less Downtime And Lower Costs With Reusable Containers

BungoBoxes can take the stress out of your next office move. Supplies, records, and electronics will pack easily into our durable and uniform-sized containers, so your employees can spend less time packing, and you’ll pay for less labour and truck space in transport. Contact us for a quote on moving containers for your office move, and enjoy an efficient move with less downtime and lower costs.