The Right Commercial Moving Supplies Save You Time & Money

Moving a retail store or showroom can be a costly proposition. Choosing the right commercial moving supplies can help you keep everything organized so you can complete the move and get back to business faster. BungoBox reusable moving boxes are made from recycled plastics so they help reduce environmental impact while providing sturdy protection for your inventory to prevent damage loss during your move.

BungoBox Makes Your Move As Painless As Possible 

We’ll deliver all the boxes, wardrobes, paper, bubble wrap, and dollies you need to pack your entire business. We’re open six days a week so you can plan your packing time and move when it will impact your normal operation the least.

Empty BungoBoxes nest in stacks on top of BungoWheels dollies so it’s easier to move the stack of boxes to the area that needs to be packed next. The durable interlocking lids on filled BungoBoxes allow you to stack them much higher than cardboard boxes so you’ll still have room to work. Keeping everything organized is simple when you have plenty of space!

This super-stackability will benefit you in another way: Your movers will be able to fill the truck to the roof without crushing the containers or damaging your goods so you may be able to rent a smaller truck. They’ll also be able to load more BungoBoxes safely on each hand-truck or mover’s dolly, which means you’ll pay for less labour time.

Better organized packing means faster unpacking so your employees will spend less time getting you back in business and minimizing your overall cost for the move. Stack the empty BungoBoxes back on their BungoWheels and give us a call when you’re ready to have them picked up. BOOM! Your store or showroom is ready for customers, with no waste, clutter, or hassles.

Reusable Commercial Moving Supplies Get You Back In Business Faster

If you’re planning a move for your store, showroom, or other commercial business in the Vancouver or Edmonton areas, contact BungoBox for help with determining what commercial moving supplies you’ll need for a customized quote.