Packing Hacks From Pro Movers In Vancouver

No matter how carefully you plan and pack, moving is chaotic and stressful. These packing hacks from pro movers in Vancouver can help to minimize the hassles and the time you spend with your home in disarray and save you some money along the way!

Think Hard About What You’re Moving

Most people’s first instinct is to just start packing and not deal with making decisions about getting rid of things. You can save money by carefully choosing to get rid of some things and replace them after you’ve moved. Pay special attention to small, inexpensive items. If you can easily and cheaply replace something, it may not be worth paying to replace. Also, take a hard look at items like appliances and electronics. If you’re looking at something that is past its prime and will need to replaced soon anyway, you should ask yourself whether adding the cost of moving that item to the replacement cost makes sense.

Reusable Moving Bins Save In More Than One Way

Buying cardboard boxes has become significantly more expensive than it used to be and they have significant disadvantages. Reusable moving boxes are made from rugged plastic that stands up to hundreds of uses before they need to be retired and recycled. When you rent moving boxes, you’re essentially sharing the cost with hundreds of other households, and you won’t have to figure out what to do with them when you’re done using them.

Plastic moving boxes come in uniform sizes for more efficient stacking, and they have reinforced tops, so your movers can stack them higher in the truck, which may save you charges for truck space or, if you’re moving a large household, it may save you money on using a second truck with a second crew to fit everything in.

Water-resistant, crush-proof reusable moving bins protect your household goods from damage much better than cardboard, and you can pack them with more items because they won’t split at the seams like cardboard.

Start With Packing Materials You Have On Hand

You may not think you have any packing materials on hand, but chances are, you actually do. Are you planning to pack your dish and bath towels? T-shirts and sweaters also make great packing materials. How about your luggage? Treat any luggage you’re not using during the move as extra moving boxes.

Make unpacking and setting up easier by taping screws for disassembled furniture to the back of the furniture. Pack cords and cables in empty rolls from toilet paper or paper towels and tape them to the equipment they go to, so you won’t have to hunt for them later. If you have complicated wiring for your entertainment system, take a picture of it before you tear it apart for packing, to help you set it up faster in your new home.

Get The Best Value from Your Movers In Vancouver

By renting reusable boxes and using these packing hacks, you can get the best value out of your budget for hiring movers in Vancouver. Contact us for help figuring out how many durable, reusable moving bins your move will take, and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep when you’re ready to start packing!