Spend Less On Moving Supplies In Vancouver

Moving is expensive enough without wasting your money on supplies like tape, packing paper, and bubble wrap that will go straight into the trash or recycling after your move. When you choose durable plastic moving bins for your move, you can minimize or entirely eliminate those expenses, and spare the environment by keeping your packing materials out of the landfill.

Say Goodbye To Annoying, Expensive Tape

Because BungoBox reusable moving bins come conveniently stacked and ready to use, you don’t need any tape to assemble or reinforce them before packing. They also feature interlocking lids, so you just flip the lid shut and move on to the next box without wasting tape to seal them. Not only does this save you time and money, but if you’ve ever cut yourself on a tape banjo, you’ll be thrilled to hear that you never have to touch one again!

Better Protection Means Less Packing Materials

Cardboard boxes are prone to crushing, especially if you don’t fill them completely, so in many cases, you end up wasting a lot of packing material, just to make the boxes safe to stack. Most households have plenty of available materials like towels, blankets, and even clothing, to wrap their fragile items, but they don’t do it because they don’t want their favourite t- shirts or blankets ruined when the cardboard boxes get damp or punctured.

Our rugged boxes are virtually crush-proof, and the bottoms are molded as a solid piece, so there’s no chance of them soaking up water. The interlocking lids on BungoBoxes resist moisture and dust, so go ahead and use the things you need to pack anyway as packing material. Rest assured that they’ll arrive in fine condition: No worries about stains, scuffs, or tears.

Save Money On Moving Supplies In Vancouver

It seems improbable that you can spend less on your moving supplies and actually have better protection for your household goods, but when you count on BungoBoxes for your Vancouver move, it’s completely true! Call or contact us online and we’ll help you calculate how many boxes you’ll need and schedule delivery to suit your schedule.