Be Eco Smart and Save Time with Reusable Boxes and Moving Supplies in Vancouver

Even though everyone would like to get their move over and done with as soon as possible, there can be several factors worth thinking about before taking the official plunge into your move. For many Vancouver companies, finding the right professional movers includes considerations for saving time, staying environmentally conscious and reducing the amount of time offline.

Reusable, Not Single-Use

Going with reusable moving boxes can be more than a life saver, it can be a tree saver too! By choosing BungoBox moving box rentals instead of purchasing cardboard boxes for your move, you can save up to 2.5 trees. In fact, according to calculations by PACKSIZE, moving box rentals for a five-bedroom home or the equivalent can save over 2 trees, while even a one-bedroom space can save over half a tree from not using cardboard boxes.

By choosing reusable moving boxes rather than cardboard, you’re able to cut down on the number of materials used to produce brand new cardboard, as well as the materials needed in order to safely secure your moving boxes and to effectively recycle the boxes when you’re done.

What Do BungoBox Rentals And Supplies Include?

BungoBox offers a wide variety of moving solutions, from moving supplies a la carte to full service moving coordination. Regardless of your business’s needs, moving supply rentals can supplement your move and make your business’s exciting transition that much more effortless.

For business and commercial moving purposes, BungoBox supplies offers:

●      Large BungoBoxes

○      Size 17” x 27” x 12”

●      Extra Large BungoBoxes

○      Size 20” x 28” x 15”

●      BungoBox Dollies

○      These are custom fit to the large BungoBoxes available for rent.

Each box that is rented and delivered to your business comes with labels for easy, organized moves. Traditionally, purchasing cardboard boxes and other moving supplies typically involved picking up supplies from the store and returning to the store when you inevitable forgot or underestimated the supplies you needed. With BungoBox’s moving supplies service, everything you need is delivered directly to your business ready to go and will be picked up when you’re all done with your move. It’s that simple.

Of course, with every rental, our moving supplies are sanitized between every use and ready to be packed!

Save Time and Reduce Your Impact

By choosing moving supplies from a professional moving company in Vancouver, many businesses are able to stay in alignment with their values, especially when it comes to remaining environmentally conscious.

In addition to reducing environmental impact, renting moving supplies cuts down on the amount of time shopping for supplies, revisiting stores to restock, taping and cutting open boxes and recycling supplies once you’re completed. Switch those countless hours to productive work time when you choose to rent sturdy moving boxes and supplies from BungoBox in Vancouver.

Let us help you move while saving time and reducing your environmental impact! Head to our contact page to get a quote on your upcoming project needs, or call 1.855.286.4629 to speak with our team of experts.