No Need To Buy Cardboard Boxes When Using A Professional Moving Company

Save yourself countless trips to the store for packing supplies (and more packing supplies when you realize you need more) when you use one of the quality moving companies located in Vancouver.

Whatever you need, BungoBox is able to deliver moving services to suit your business. While we offer full-service moving, which includes strategic moving plans to physically packing and moving your assets, BungoBox also offers moving box rentals if you plan on executing the move yourself.

Why Moving Boxes Are Better

When using one of the quality full service moving companies in Vancouver, you can expect everything associated with your move to be provided, including sturdy plastic moving boxes.

Many moving companies in Vancouver offer full service moving from packing to unpacking, but not all companies offer the ability to rent plastic moving bins that offer an extra set of benefits in comparison to cardboard moving boxes. Here’s how plastic moving boxes from your Vancouver moving company can help with your move:

●      Strong and durable, plastic moving boxes are built for repeat use

●      Sanitized before every use and resistant to pests

●      Stackable with custom-fit dolly for transport that’s easy on your back

●      Added security with boxes that are lockable with security ties or locks

●      Ergonomic and lightweight despite the durability

●      Renting versus purchasing makes it more affordable!

●      Eco-friendly due to lack of single-use materials and sturdy construction for reusability.

Of course, rented moving boxes are in alignment with many Vancouver companies as more and more businesses look for ways to reduce their environmental impact. By using reusable plastic moving boxes rather than single-use cardboard boxes (that are typically recycled after use), many companies feel confident in making the choice to rent moving boxes from a professional moving company.

Looking for Moving Companies in Vancouver

Beyond finding a moving company that will help you relocate to your new space in Vancouver with moving box rentals, other services can provide you with more efficiency and ease. When deciding among the many moving companies in Vancouver, here are some services to look out for:

●      Packing and unpacking Services

●      Bonded and highly trained employees

●      Furniture moving and installation

●      Ability to coordinate move across many departments and teams

●      Ultimate goal is to make the move as seamless as possible, avoiding as many interruptions to mission-critical operations as possible

Above all, moving companies in Vancouver deliver the most value by allowing you to continue focusing your efforts on what matters most - your business - rather than moving your company belongings to a new space.

Move with BungoBox

Changing locations can be a very exciting step for many Vancouver businesses. By hiring a moving company, your move can become a lot less stressful, allowing you to focus on the exciting opportunities that lay ahead in your new space.

Let us help you plan and execute your move! Head to our contact page to get a quote on your upcoming project needs, or call 1.855.286.4629 to speak with our team of experts.