Moving Day: Office Edition – a Step-By-Step Plan for a Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient Move

For any office move, proper planning and organization is key – there are so many components involved in preparing for something like this, and today we’ll talk a little more about looking ahead to alleviate any pre-moving anxiety. 

This kind of preparation is particularly helpful for small business owners, because they often struggle the most with juggling so many roles at once, all in the midst of engineering an office relocation. 

STEP 1: Give yourself plenty of time in advance to work out all the arrangements surrounding your move, and allow for unforeseen circumstances. It’s better to prepare for the worst so as to avoid any potential mishaps such as finding out at the last minute that buddy from the gym won’t actually be able to lend you their truck – so to reiterate, always grant yourself more time, supplies/equipment and assistance than you anticipate you’ll need – and it never hurts to rent a bona fide moving truck!

STEP 2: Compile a to-do list made up of the most important details in regard to your office move – prioritize essential items which must be moved first and establish your timeline.

STEP 3: Determine the need for supplies and ensure you are in possession of, or are able to buy/rent everything you might need to guarantee a low-stress moving environment (tip: for a detailed account of what you’ll need, refer to our blog on supplies here). Additionally, it is wise to establish upfront whether you’ll require rental supplies such as moving crates (these can be extremely useful for office moves as they are much sturdier and easier to handle than cardboard boxes – they’re also recyclable and reusable!)

STEP 4: If your to-do list is extensive and beginning to seem too overwhelming to handle by yourself, consider the option of hiring commercial movers to assist with your office relocation. A trusted and reliable company such as BungoBox has the experience, equipment, supplies and manpower to swiftly and successfully move your office, no matter the size or time constraints – you can rest assured we will figure out the best way to complete even the most complicated move, all while minimizing as much stress as possible on your end. This means you are able to focus on maintaining forward motion with your business, without interruption. 

STEP 5: If you must forego the hiring of professional movers, be sure to secure as much help as you can muster, and try not to solely rely on favours from friends – this is generally ok for a residential move, but when it comes to an office relocation, business owners can’t afford delays and mishaps. Any obstacle standing in the way of your move is also standing in the way of your business’s daily operations. The last thing you’d want is to have to halt your role as the owner of a company, because this can affect more crucial aspects of your business such as client needs and care – this is why you always want to have a backup for everything relating to your move. That way, if one thing falls through, you can avoid the panic of scrambling to find a solution. 

By following these simple steps and guidelines, you can be confident that your office move will be a smooth and successful one. In turn, your company will remain productive and profitable - period.