Cardboard: The Flimsy Enemy Of Any Move

Movers in Vancouver and Edmonton already know that BungoBox provides the ideal solution to a common enemy of any move: cardboard. We may be biased, but cardboard just isn't our thing. Sure, we know cardboard has its place; it's just not anywhere near your upcoming move. Use your cardboard boxes for makeshift imaginary rocket ships and use BungoBox's premium quality moving boxes for rent to ensure a positive, convenient, affordable experience.

Five Reasons Movers In Edmonton And Vancouver Choose Our Moving Boxes For Rent

If you're searching for a good reason to choose our moving boxes for rent, we'll give you five. Here are just some of the many ways our durable, sturdy, high-quality plastic bins are a better choice than cardboard:

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BungoBox is stackable
If you're looking for thrills play jenga.

Stacking cardboard boxes is like trying to build a solid house of cards - it just can't be done. You'll quickly find your living space is devoured with different sized, awkwardly shaped boxes. BungoBoxes come in two smart, stackable sizes for optimal space efficiency and enhanced organization during your move.

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BungoBox is durable
Just how precious is that exotic eggshell collection of yours?

Sure, cardboard may be fine when the sun is shining. But, what happens when Mother Nature has other plans for your move? Rains, sleet, hail, and snow can quickly deteriorate papers boxes. Don't risk damaging your possessions. Protect them during the packing and moving process. BungoBox is made from heavy-duty plastics and has an airtight lid. Our moving boxes for rent safeguard your belongings from the weather and other external factors.

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BungoBox is convenient
No more wrestling with that damn packing tape.

A move is stressful enough. Here at BungoBox, we do everything in our power to eliminate the hassle and inconvenience that comes with a move by delivering your boxes right to your door. The only way cardboard finds your door is if it gets caught in a fierce crosswind and blows there by mistake. Also, our moving boxes for rent snap shut, so you can say goodbye to annoying packing tape.

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BungoBox is affordable
Treat yourself to some wine.

You work hard for your money - don't waste it on unnecessary moving expenses. Renting BungoBoxes can save you up to 50% over purchasing cardboard boxes. You can use your newfound savings to splurge on a little housewarming present to make your new place feels like home.

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BungoBox is sustainable
BungoBox, unless you hate the planet.

No tape. Less packing materials. More durable. Totally reusable. Unlike our disposable competitor, BungoBoxes live on to serve the community’s moving needs for generations to come. Our boxes are better for your conscience, and trees everywhere thank you.

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Are you ready to become a BungoBox believer? Contact BungoBox today to learn more how our products offer a superior alternative to cardboard.

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