Choose Enviro-Conscious Moving Boxes In Edmonton

KFor many environmentally conscious households, there is a sense of duty to choose products that are sustainable, even when using them involves making a sacrifice in the performance or convenience of that product. While we applaud that level of commitment, we’re happy to say that choosing BungoBox reusable moving boxes over cardboard is no sacrifice at all. In fact, our enviro-conscious moving boxes offer better protection for your household goods, at a lower overall cost than using cardboard boxes, which are significantly less sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Why Are BungoBoxes Better For The Environment?

Our sturdy plastic moving bins are made from 100 percent post-consumer material, which means that they keep material out of landfills to begin with. Because they’re engineered to withstand up to 400 uses, they’ll move a lot more households than a cardboard box could ever dream of. Better yet, when a BungoBox has outlived its usefulness, it’s recyclable, so it will never contribute to landfill waste.

Why Are BungoBoxes Better For You And Your Household?

The solid molded bottoms of our reusable moving boxes prevent moisture and pests from getting inside, and the solid sides are virtually crush-proof, so you can stack them higher without damaging anything in a box avalanche. The uniform sizes allow you to make the most efficient use of space as you pack, and when you load into a truck, so you may actually save money by using less linear truck space.

You’ll also save time and money by not having to tape your boxes together and seal them with tape. They’re made with heavy-duty interlocking lids that stand up to stacking without letting the contents suffer crush damage, and you’ll need less packing material inside, because you’re not providing support to wimpy cardboard sides. BungoBox users save an average of 50 percent over the total cost of using cardboard boxes, and with delivery and pick-up, you’ll also be able to spend more time settling in and getting back to your life!

Reusable Moving Boxes In Edmonton

If you’re looking for moving boxes in Edmonton, give BungoBox a call or contact us online. We’ll help you figure out how many boxes your move will take, and schedule delivery at your convenience.