Everything You Need To Know About Moving Boxes In Edmonton

admin August 29, 2017

When choosing moving boxes in Edmonton, it's important to remember that quality is critical to the overall moving experience. Cheap, flimsy cardboard boxes run the risk of breaking down mid-move, damaging your belongings in the process. In order to ensure your possessions are safeguarded at all times, you should consider renting plastic boxes in Edmonton. Not only are these storage options made from premium materials, but plastic moving boxes in Edmonton can also be reused, making them an ideal option for going green in the process.

Ready, Set, Get Packing

Once you've rented your plastic moving boxes in Edmonton, it's important to know how to pack them to optimize space and protect your items. Here's the first step to success; don't think about how much packing you have ahead of you; instead, start in one location and focus on what needs packing in that specific room. As you start to sort through your things, group together items based on weight and size.

You will also want to consider fragile items that require more care. Yes, durable plastic moving boxes in Edmonton offer an added layer of protection to your items; however, you will still want to provide extra care for fragile and breakable items. Wrap these items in enough bubble or paper wrap so they don't move in the box and they're secure during transport.

Handling your move yourself means you will want to pay careful attention to the overall weight of each individual box. Overstuffing a storage bin with too much weight can mean you're unable to lift it, or you may even risk injury as you attempt to move it. A general rule of thumb suggests keeping boxes to roughly 30 pounds in weight total. Also, inevitably, some of your boxes will end up weighing more than 30 pounds. Always put your heaviest boxes on the bottom of your stack and place lighter ones on top. This will help balance the load in your truck and ensure an easier drive to your new home.

Finally, quality rented bins will self-seal (eliminating the need for packing tape) and will also come with an easy to mark label section on each individual box. Whether you are unpacking it immediately, or storing it somewhere in your new home, be sure to label everything, so you know exactly where to bring it.

Contact BungoBox today for more information on renting plastic moving boxes in Edmonton.

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