Furniture Dumped in the Street and “Unplanned” Expenses Make for a Horrible Move

~ submitted by Karima • Pierrefonds, Canada.

After years of always moving my own things with whichever friend or family member I could find to help I finally decided to go with a professional moving company.

We had agreed on a specific price and a contract was signed. When it came time to move, not only were the movers over an hour late but once they had the truck all packed up they proceeded to tell me it would be an extra $250 and that unless I paid the whole amount right then and there they would unload the truck. What?!!!

I called the company and argued with the woman with whom I had signed the contract. She refused to listen to reason and told her movers to unload the truck.

There was no reason given for the extra fees and I had only planned for the amount we had originally agreed to. I didn’t have any more money to give.

The movers then threw all of my things in the middle of the small one way street downtown where I lived at that time proceeding to block the road with all my furniture and boxes before driving off.

I was alone and had to call my boyfriend to come home to help me take everything from the middle of the street since I couldn’t do it alone. It was his first day at a new job and his boss was less then happy he was leaving 2 hours into his first day. People kept honking and yelling.

My boyfriend’s mom ended up having to rent a truck and had her boyfriend join her. They drove downtown when they both should have been at work just to help us move.

Never again. From that day on I always move my own things. Yes I’m exhausted in the end and aching all over but I am certain that my things will be moved and I will never be screwed by a moving company again.

Wow Karmina, what a great reason to use Bungobox the next time you have to move. (great lead in by the way, thanks!) They drop the boxes off to your house, you pack 'em up and move them to the new place then Bungobox Canada comes to pick up the empty boxes. Super easy, all your stuff is safe and sound and nothing will end up on the street. It's a win/win.