Go Green During Your Move: Rent Moving Boxes

Getting ready for a successful move generally starts with one key ingredient: boxes. When thinking about packing materials, many would-be movers often assume that cardboard is their only option. Not true. If you're getting ready to relocate, partner with BungoBox to rent moving boxes. Our plastic moving bins prove an ideal way to streamline your move and minimize inconvenience throughout the process.

Rent Moving Boxes: Know The Benefits

When choosing to rent moving boxes, you are opting for more than just convenience. Our high-quality plastic bins deliver a slew of benefits, including:


Many movers are surprised to realize just how affordable renting plastic bins truly are. Purchasing cardboard boxes, along with needed tape to keep them closed can quickly add up. Renting proves a less expensive option.

Environmentally Friendly

Eventually, even the sturdiest cardboard box will deteriorate and find its way into a recycling bin, or worse yet, a landfill. However, our tough bins can withstand use after use, never needing to be thrown away.


What image does the phrase "wet cardboard" bring to mind? Now, imagine your earthly belongings trapped inside a wet cardboard box. Not only can weather damage the boxes, making them hard to carry, your personal affects themselves may also suffer damage. Not so with our rented bins. They seal tightly and ward off even the strongest weather situations.

Time Savers

Stop wasting time constructing boxes and then taping them up. Our bins are already put together and easy to close (and reopen should you need to add additional items).

Space Savers

Cardboard boxes are not only unwieldy to carry, they can also prove cumbersome to pack. You may also find them difficult to get in the back of your moving truck. When you rent moving boxes, you will enjoy sleek, easy-to-stack containers that maximize space efficiency in your vehicle. Best of all, once you empty the bins, you can easily stack them on top of each other save on space while you're getting settled.

If you're getting ready to move, BungoBox can help. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.


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