Moving Box Rentals Vs. Storage Bins: Plan Ahead For A Move Day Win

If you're moving and have decided whether cardboard containers are for you, you have two other choices to consider, moving box rentals or storage bins. Both offer some impressive benefits. However, for many people facing an upcoming move, moving box rentals are an ideal choice. Knowing some of the advantages of a moving box rental option can help you determine if it's the right choice for you.

Sturdy Construction

Both box rentals and storage containers offer impressive durability. Unlike cardboard which often deteriorates in extreme weather conditions, both plastic boxes and storage bins can withstand anything that Mother Nature has to offer.

Different Sizes

Once again, both storage bins and rented plastic boxes come out as a draw. Each option comes in various shapes and sizes, allowing the mover an opportunity to pinpoint exactly which size will work best for the relocation.


Moving box rentals are a clear winner when it comes to sheer product accessibility. While storage bin options do come in a wide range of sizes, you are often relegated to whatever is available on any given store shelf. A Moving box rental provider will have ample inventory so you can quickly access the perfect number of boxes as well as choose the perfect size for your needs.


Once again, rented boxes pull ahead of the competition by offering optimal convenience. Gathering up storage bins means going from store to store to find them. A professional box rental company will deliver your boxes to your door. What's more convenient than that?


Planning a move means keeping an eye on the moving budget. Rented boxes help you do just that. You will select exactly what you need for your move, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing bins outright. You can use the money you save for other expenses that may pop up on move day, for the ultimate planning win.

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