This is why Plastic Totes are a Great Alternative to Cardboard Boxes

Whether a business is moving into a new office or setting up a new branch in a new state; or a family is relocating to a new home, there are some essential materials or “tools” that will be used in the moving process. The materials used in every moving process are either Cardboard Boxes or Plastic Totes or Both! Generally, the decision to either use cardboard boxes or plastic totes rest on the moving company but the preference of the client can also go a long way. Over the years, plastic totes have proven to be the best alternative to cardboard boxes and you are about to find out why.

Why are Plastic Totes an ecological alternative to Cardboard boxes?

41% of waste found in modern-day municipal landfills is comprised of cardboard and paper products. Approximately 90% of all office equipment and personal belongings are packed in a cardboard box. T produce these cardboard boxes trees need to be cut down – for every ton of cardboard used, about 17 trees are cut down. On average, about 50-100 cardboard boxes to pack up one conventional family home and about 70-150 cardboard boxes are used up to pack up a business comprising of 10 offices. Most of these cardboard boxes are not recycled or reused.

Unlike most cardboard boxes, plastic Totes are reusable and recyclable. Substituting cardboard boxes with Plastic totes will not only contribute to a green environment but also reduce the amount of waste in our world today.

Other advantages of Plastic totes as an alternative to cardboard boxes

  1. Economical: A lot of moving companies give the option to rent plastic totes for the moving process. This is relatively cheap when compared to purchasing cardboard boxes. A lot of cardboard boxes are disposed after they have served their purpose of relocating items. This is not the case when it comes to plastic totes. Plastic totes a lot of times for different clients. Besides, when using plastic totes, there is no packing tape to buy.
  • Durability: Cardboard Boxes’ worst enemy is water. A small amount of water will damage cardboard boxes and if care is not taken, it might damage the appliances, equipment or materials in the box. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic totes are water-resistant. Also, plastic totes can be used for indefinite storage as they will not deteriorate over time as cardboard would. Lastly, plastic totes are not susceptible to insect damage or infestation.

Tip: An average plastic bin lifespan is approximately 17 years.

  • Space and Time Saving: It is obvious plastic totes save more space than cardboard boxes. Plastic totes are very sturdy and they can be stacked easily at height, which makes you feel confident when transporting your valuable personal belongings. Also, plastic totes don’t need to be assembled, which helps in saving time. Unpacking time will be reduced as there will be no cardboard boxes to flatten. Just stack the plastic boxes inside each other ready for collection.

In summary, plastic totes or plastic bins are great alternatives to cardboard boxes when moving. BungoBox offers durable plastic totes that will assist you in the moving process. Contact us now to help you kick start your moving process.