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proof that our boxes are better.
Making Moving Suck Less all around Vancouver!

Vancouver customer Leanne tells us about her experience.

BungoBox Beats Cardboard Moving Boxes - Every time!

BungoBox rents durable, stackable, environmentally friendly moving boxes that protects your stuff a lot better than cardboard boxes do.

Packing the Kitchen BungoBox Style - No Broken Wine Glasses!

No broken wine glasses when you move with BungoBox.

BungoBox Home Delivery

BungoBox rents KickAss moving boxes - delivered right to your door.

BungoBox - Moving Boxes - Move Unpack Now Give 'Em Back

It's easy, the boxes are super durable, and we deliver right to your home.

Using "green" as a value proposition in your business with Tom Cannon of YEC

Tom Cannon of BungoBox shares with StartupLab.

BungoBox Edmonton - We Couldn't Have Said It Better Ourselves!

A great customer tells us what he likes about BungoBoxes!!

Free delivery and pick up for orders over $100

Customers Caught on Tape
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